Golden Treasures Complete Estate Liquidation Service


"Just a note to say thank you for the professional job you did of cleaning out my Mom's house. I know it was hard work. Alan and I could have never done it ourselves." - Alan & Debi D
My parents, Depression era children, saved everything, always fearful that if something was given away, they might have one day needed it again. Thus, when they passed away in their late 80's, their six-bedroom Squirrel Hill home was overflowing and bursting at the seams.

My sister and I as executrixes of our parents' will interviewed several estate sale companies in preparation for selling our parents' home. We were shocked by one company who told us they would place a dumpster in the driveway and clean out the house BEFORE the estate sale, only keeping what they deemed to be saleable. For example, my parents had collected hundreds of books over the years, and we were told that all the books would be discarded prior to the estate sale.

Golden Treasures, on the other hand, did not discard a single thing. In fact, they suggested we even leave food in the pantry and old cleaning supplies in the basement, as people often buy these items. They spent a week preparing my parents' home for the estate sale, even advising us how to safely shore up crumbling concrete outdoor steps, so visitors to the house could safely come and go the weekend of the sale.

Anna and John Golden knew how to best utilize every space in my parents' home to maximize traffic flow through the house and give each and every item the perfect spot. They answered every question we had and ran multiple ads prior to the sale. The first morning of the sale, people were lined up all the way down the 30+ steps from the front door to the street, and even several houses up the street awaiting the opening of the doors at 8:00am. The Golden's went above and beyond our expectations, even personally delivering items to some of the buyers, and returning to the house several times in ensuing days in order to allow customers to pick up items they had purchased at the sale.

The sale was a resounding success, bringing in almost exactly what John Golden had estimated. Afterwards, the Golden's crew cleaning out the house quickly and for a very reasonable price, finishing in time for a real estate showing less than two weeks later.

We couldn't have been more pleased with Golden Treasures. They were knowledgeable and professional at all times, and treated my parents' beloved items - many of them vintage collectibles or antiques - with respect and care. It's difficult to part with items treasured by our deceased loved ones, but John and Anna Golden made it so much easier, and we highly recommend Golden Treasures for your estate sale needs." - Suzie & Mary L
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